Creativity in a nutshell

Agile Methodology.

At Pistachio we believe that an agile workflow creates better products.

This means that we continually collaborate with our clients through an iterative development process.

We are a lightweight team with a streamlined process enabling us to be affordable to a small business or a freelancer.

Our Process

We collaborate with our client throughout an iterative workflow.

Creative Brief
Design & Development
Client Evaluation
Product Refinement
Acceptance Test

Our Services

Web Development

We build web products to fit your business requirements. We can be as flexible as you need, let us know what we can do to improve your web presence.

Graphic Design

Bespoke graphic design services and visual identities for web. This includes; logos, colour schemes, typography, and image selection & optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation

We keep up to date with techniques to make search engines prioritise your content. This makes sure your website gets noticed.

Responsive Web Pages

All of our products will adapt to the devices they're being viewed on.

Bespoke Code Development

We are experienced in developing with; Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python, HTML5, CSS3.

Optimised Load Times

We use trusted tools to benchmark and improve our server response and page load times.

Custom Email & Web Address

We create your choice of custom web address and custom email addresses for your chosen domain.

Social Media Advertising

If your business already has a Facebook page, we can integrate that into your site so that you can use it to create custom audiences for Facebook advertising.

Encryption (HTTPS)

We take advantage of asymmetric encryption providing you with a digital certificate which guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of customer data in transit.

Support & Maintenance

We include website maintenance and updates in our costs. We’re also available for support and advice should you have any questions.

Host Based Forensics

We have the tools and expertise to forensically examine your storage device or operating system.

System Administration

We administer network devices to run the services you require, ensuring best security practices are followed.

Machine Learning

Using state of the art techniques to distill valuable insights from data, we conduct machine learning investigations to solve business problems.

We can create your product

We're here to make it happen. Email us with your brief or enquiry.

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